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National Standings 2016

Daniel Gilbert Team 7,922.00
Butch David Team 7,267.81
Jason Smith Team 5,591.41
Team BGB 4,456.50
Bill Scharton Team 3,554.00
David Gregory Team 3,082.00
Koedy Florendo Team 2,728.50
Jay Bartlett Team 2,333.49
Ricky Lyons Team 1,928.99
TC Buntin Team 1,623.50
Wrangler Howe Team 1,165.50
Dylan Pierce Team 1,019.99
Vern Wachsmuth Team 600.00
Team Agin 573.00
Louis Stewart Team 168.33

Columbia River Region Standings 2016

Daniel Gilbert Team 7922
Butch David Team 6231.81
Jason Smith Team 5297.41
David Gregory Team 2823
Jay Bartlett Team 2333.49
Ricky Lyons Team 1928.99
Koedy Florendo Team 1601.5
Wrangler Howe Team 1165.5
Vern Wachsmuth Team 600.00
Louis Stewart Team 168.33

Sierra Region Standings 2016

Bill Scharton Team 2035.00

Mountain States Region Standings 2016


Wilderness Region Standings 2016