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National Standings 2017

Jason Smith Team 14,359.66
Philip Wurdinger Team 4,460.00
Team Nozie 3,160.00
David Gregory Team 2,963.17
Serafin Robles Team 2,707.16
Team Florendo 2,516.17
Randolph Potts 1,449.00
Brad Carney Team 1,037.33
Bill Scharton Team 540.00
Jason Cole Team 389.00
Colton Hamen Team 270.00
Ryan Nuckols Team 259.33

Columbia River Region Standings 2017

Jason Smith Team 7649.5
David Gregory Team 2833.5
Team Florendo 2196.5
Philip Wurdinger Team 2165

Sierra Region Standings 2017

Serafin Robles Team 2707.16
Brad Carney Team 1037.33
Ryan Nuckols Team 259.33

Mountain States Region Standings 2017


Wilderness Region Standings 2017