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Look forward to these Oldest PWHRA sanctioned Rodeo’s – But not to forget all of our other faithful Rodeo’s!! Here is a little glimpse into the 2018 season. 


National Standings 2018

David Gregory Team 12,956.66
Team BGB 6,607.25
Jason Smith Team 5,509.43
Team Florendo 4,451.85
Kyle Miller Team 4,378.25
Joseph Montes Team 2,545.95
Beau Jensen Team 2,438.00
Jay Bartlett Team 2,248.04
Team Nozie 1,999.50
Tony Siaz Jr. Team 1,610.11
Team Swagima 1,290.00
Shaniko Meanus Team 936.40
Louis Stewart Team 462.90
Team Roanhorse 430.00
Cobbs Creek Express 244.00

Columbia River Region Standings 2018

David Gregory Team 8392.66
Jason Smith Team 4329.93
Kyle Miller Team 4036.25
Joseph Montes Team 2545.95
Jay Bartlett Team 2248.04
Shaniko Meanus Team 936.4
Louis Stewart Team 462.90
Tony Siaz Jr. Team 408.11
Cobbs Creek Express 244.00

Sierra Region Standings 2018


Mountain States Region Standings 2018


Wilderness Region Standings 2018

Team Nozie 1999.5
Team BGB 1311.5
Team Swagima 1290.00
Team Roanhorse 430.00