Round Valley Round Up

June 27, 2020 @ 10:02 pm – 11:02 pm
Entries for Round Valley Roundup, June 27th. THIS IS THE ONLY DAY OF THE RODEO!
1st Go Round:
Cooper State Cowboys
Team BGB
Knocken Boots
Team Moe Green
Tom Tias Team
Team Meanus
2nd Go Round:
Team Allen
Team Shockers
Team Rez Boys
Team Skoden
Team Nozie
Team Crosby
3rd Go Round:
Team 3 of a kind
Team Twisted
Pat Vargas Team
Team Chuzie
Bar N Team
Tha Young Gunz
Top 2 from each go advance to finals. Chutes will be full in Final Go!
Good luck Cowboys, be safe!

National Standings 2021

Team Agin 13,394.71
Pat Vargas Team 10,731.70
Copper State Cowboys 4,131.00
Team Shockers 3,935.05
Team Meanus 3,836.50
Pierce Trucking Team 3,614.75
David Gregory Team 3,430.50
Team Nowland 3,330.79
Team Young Guns 3,216.00
Team Buntin 2,552.26
Robert Koch Team 1,737.50
Jason Castro Team 1,539.62
Young Guns 1,510.50
TC Buntin Team 1,507.50
Clarence Meanus Team 1,096.50
Team Nozie 898.14
Louis Stewart Team 709.50
Team Outlaw 694.00
Bronc Stomping U 508.00
Team BGB 316.98
Brandon Baker Team 259.00

National Judges Standings 2021

Darylynne Cortazar 35
Karen Begaye 15
Kriss Agin 15

Columbia River Region Standings 2021

Pat Vargas Team 5498.97
David Gregory Team 3430.5
Team Meanus 2412.00
Robert Koch Team 1737.5
Team Young Guns 1480
Clarence Meanus Team 1096.50
Louis Stewart Team 709.50
Team Nowland 561.00
Team Outlaw 387.00
Young Guns 129.00

Sierra Region Standings 2021

Team Agin 2849.00
Pierce Trucking Team 2302.5
Brandon Baker Team 259.00

Mountain States Region Standings 2021


Wilderness Region Standings 2021

Team Buntin 2552.26
Copper State Cowboys 2149.00
Team Nozie 898.14
Team BGB 316.98